---What Does Charis Mean?

Charis? How do you pronounce it?   What does it mean? We get asked those questions a lot. Charis (pronounced khä’-rēs) is the Greek word for grace. Grace is God’s unmerited favor toward all of us. Unmerited means we can’t earn it and can’t work for it. It is freely given to all. Anyone who will believe God can receive this grace that has been freely given. Grace is also God’s divine influence on the heart that empowers us to live the Christian life. As we come to know Jesus more intimately, his grace will change our heart and actions. We’ll live more righteous on accident than we ever could on purpose apart from his grace.
Charis is our name and it is our DNA. It means all are welcome to come as you are. You don’t have clean yourself up or get yourself together in order to come worship with us. None of us can clean ourselves up in order to approach a holy God anyway. It’s His grace that cleans us, changes us, and makes us worthy. We’d love for you to come worship with us and get to know the one loved you before the foundation of the world. As you do, His grace will change you into the person you were destined to become!